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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 19, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight in your only local news at 7:00, busted, police believe they have finally nabbed that serial burglar whose crime spree spanned from maryland to virginia. plus enough is enough. a lot of airline passengers are
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fed up with tsa security screenings, and now one local airport is considering firing the agency. and a rape victim fires back. the cab driver who attacked her convicted. now she's going after the company. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in alexandria. a woman is sexually assaulted after a cab driver leaves her by the side of the the road in the middle of the night. that woman is suing bluetop cab claiming the driver said her credit card didn't go through even though it did. and because she was $1.95 short of cash, the driver took her to an atm. but since it was broken, he left her there at 3:30 a.m. >> a human decency, he should just bring her in the cab and bring her home. >> reporter: when she walked home, she ran into james samuel williams who sexually assaulted her. he's since been convicted of numerous sexual assaults. bluetop's cab manager declined to speak. >> it's unbelievable that a human being can act as
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callously towards another human being. for $1.95, he wouldn't accept a $20 fare? >> reporter: i'm scott broom at bwi airport where they are evaluating their options tonight after a florida congressman has asked airports around the country to fire the tsa and go with private security contractors instead. >> we need to revisit the whole tsa. >> reporter: congressman john pháeubg complains the tsa -- mica complains the tsa costs $7 million a year and is going too far. he's now asking the nation's 100 largest airports to fire the tsa and bring back contractors to do the security screening, the same way things worked before 9/11. bwi is among the airports that got the letter, according to spokesperson linda weirheim. >> we have received the letter. we are evaluating our options. >> i don't think it should be private irzed. >> reporter: why not? >> i think it would be more consistent if it was done by the government. >> i say bring the private sector on, see if they can do a
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better job. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in vienna where residents across the region are breathing a huge sigh of relief after police say this serial burglar is behind bars. police say this is the serial burglar, 34-year-old brad edmonds from oxen hill, maryland. fairfax county police say they were conducting two weeks of surveillance on edmonds, tracing him to this potomac maryland neighborhood on lake potomac drive. in the last several months, investigators say he's been responsible for more than 100 home break-ins in northern virginia. >> it was very brazen, obviously, very quiet, very stealth. >> reporter: chief rohrer says a fairfax county resident helped solve the case when they noticed a suspicious vehicle. that tip led police to question edmonds on a traffic stop. >> to have this many burglaries and to have a suspect that we believe is responsible for some if not all of these, it is truly a great story for us. >> former redskins quarterback colt brennan has been seriously hurt in a car accident in hawaii. according to the media reports,
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brennan was a passenger in a vehicle that crossed the center line and ran into another car head on. those same media reports say brennan suffered possible head and back injuries in that crash. the driver of the other vehicle was also taken to the hospital after her car overturned in the accident. brennan was released by the redskins before the start of training camp this past summer. well, no verdict, but we did get a question today from the d.c. jury that's been trying to decide if ingmar guandique murdered former intern chandra levy. the jurors had a question about their instructions and focused on the charge of felony murder and kidnapping. to find guandique guilty on that count, they have to find he assaulted chandra levy and the jurors wanted a definition of assault. the judge told them even offensive touching could be considered assault and then he realized he'd left something out of that count. and so he told the jurors if guandique had taken something of value from levy's person, that could also lead him to the felony murder, kidnapping count. trial lawyer jeffrey decovo
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witch joins us for insight into this. >> good evening. >> who's excited or sad by the fact they had a question tonight? >> well, frequently, when you get a juror's note, you really don't know what is going on in the minds of the jurors. but here if they're asking about the assault, that might mean that they're placing the defendant, guandique, at the scene of the crime. and if they place him at the scene of the crime, it's not so difficult to conclude that maybe he committed the crime. >> so at least they're on that track. now, the fact is if you're in this courtroom, and i'm not there, but i am following the case as is obviously our station reporters, you get a sense that there's not a lot of direct evidence. they don't have a weapon, they don't have a method of crime, they don't have dna, they don't have any witnesses. they've got a couple of jailhouse snitches for lack of a better word. how convincing is that? >> it's not very convincing. in fact, they don't have a couple of snitches, they have one snitch. they had another snitch that allegedly the marshalls couldn't bring in, so they had to drop two counts against guandique. but essentially you have one
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jailhouse snitch testifying against the defendant. now, there are cases, murder cases where that's enough to convict the defendant, but it's not clear it will be that easy in this situation. >> we've got the jury taking a few days to get this all done. obviously they're agonizing over parts of it. they got the question today. who's happy, who's sad to see this happy? >> it's not unusual in a monthlong trial for a jury to be out three days or more. we've hit the third day now and sometimes they're out longer. sometimes they can be out a week or so. this is a very serious case. if he's convicted, he's looking at 25 years to life, and the jurors are being very meticulous and taking their time. >> which i guess is what you want for a jury, making sure they get this thing right. >> absolutely. >> if they were sure there wasn't enough evidence to convict, they would quickly acquit. the fact that they're taking a while, could that suggest they're looking charge by charge and some of this stuff they're thinking he could have done. >> it could suggest you have a hung jury. it could suggest you have half the jurors thinking he did it, half the jurors think he did
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did not do it and now they're going back and forth in negotiating. >> jeffrey, appreciate it. thank you for your time and ip sight. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be waiting for baited breath with the jury to come back on monday, or tuesday or wednesday or whenever. let's get outside for the evening rush. richard is here with time saver traffic. fridays can be rough out there, richard. >> reporter: as a matter of fact, that's true. we're still cleaning up that mess dulles toll road beyond route 7. we had a major accident there. it looks like one lane does get by the scene. we're told it's quite heavy and slow eastbound on the toll road moving to the beltway. you might want to use eastbound 7 as the alternate route as the investigation is wrapping up with that crash. westbound i-66 not too far from there, quite a jamup from beyond the beltway going beyond 123. all lanes open there. on the beltway montgomery county, slow inner loop, georgetown road to new hampshire avenue, also outer loop, 355 crossing the american legion bridge to the toll road, some brake lights there as well.
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derek. >> thank you, richard. you can expect some major traffic tieups in alexandria over the weekend as crews work on yet another phase of that woodrow wilson bridge project. starting 8:00 tonight, crews will shut down the outside lane of the outer loop and all the exit ramps between eisenhower avenue and telegraph road. vdot officials suggest you might want to take route 1 to get to your destination, but you'll need to make your patience and expect delays. >> this is one of the larger paces and it is the last piece of the puzzle that complete this is woodrow wilson corridor. >> the outer loop ought to be back to normal by sunday night, just in time for the monday morning rush hour. clear skies out there right now, but, topp, it's getting darned cold. i guess that's how the rest of the night is going to be, huh? >> temperatures are falling like a stone. let me show you temperatures. after a high of 54, we're down in the 40s an 30s already. 39 in gaiterringburg, 47 in manassas and 47 through downtown. we'll take you through the rest of the weekend and a look ahead
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to turkey day. and remember that local principal who said no fs, even if you cheat on a test? well, that did not go over so well and some changes are coming. we'll explain after the break.
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tonight an update on that grading controversy in fairfax county. the principal who basically banned teachers from giving out fs to failing students is now doing a 180. principal cliff hartson says after talking with teachers, parents and students, it became clear to him that we "do not have the census to change our grading practices from prior years." so the alexandria school will be going back to what it was doing before. that means if you flunk in a class you get an f, and if you get caught cheating, you can lose class credits. we introduced you to washington lehigh science teacher cheryl katy on friday. she was off to antarctica with a group of scientists for a
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project called ice cube. they're hoping the data will help them answer some of the questions of the universe. sherry is there now and she sent us a video blog. here's a portion of it. >> just got to the south pole and i just got my room assignment. i'm in the dorm of the main station instead of out in the james way tents. the tents are out this window. out there it looks like a wintery wonderland, but i don't have to stay out there. i get to stay in the dorm. >> it's wintery. i don't know how much of a wonderland it is. anyway, she'll be back at some point. washington archbishop donald whorl will be elevated to cardinal tomorrow morning by pope benedict. it'll happy about 3:00 a.m. our time. he is one of 23 new roman catholic cardinals that be installed at a ceremony at the vatican. cardinals from all over the world began arriving there today just ahead of the weekend meeting. topp is back with your
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weekend forecast. one of the senior leaders is on leave tonight and it's not a vacation. that's all after the break.
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one of washington d.c.'s top cops is out on administrative leave over an alleged cheating scandal. assistant chief diane grooms is being investigated after being accused of compromising a test during the annual round of in-service training. no comment yet from chief
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lanier. 31-year-old alvin sanders is charged with 11 counts of distributing and possessing child pornography. the man from buoy was arrested on child porn charges yesterday. police say his computer is simply packed with images of children engaging in sex. sanders is in jail tonight. new information on the stint lawsuits against st. joseph's' medical center. we've learned more suits have been filed against the hospital, all alleging negligence and fraud. at the center of it all, one of the men that was one of the hospital's most prominent physicians. mike helvin with the story. >> reporter: in these new lawsuits, patients clabg that dr. mike maday were careless and at risk putting stints in arteries not warranted for the procedures. jay miller filed the 50 lawsuits. >> this was in direct response to the $22 million settlement reached between the united states government and st. joe's last week. >> reporter: in that bombshell settlement, st. joseph's did
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not admit liability but agreed to give millions to the government for paying illegal kickbacks for patient referrals and getting federal money for what the government called unnecessary stibts performed -- stints performed by dr. ma day. >> any patient you pick off of this pile, i have had three top-notch interventional cardiologists from the finest institutions, including yale review their ang geeo gram films and determine independent of each other that they received a stint they didn't need. >> reporter: the doctor has denied any wrongdoing, including a press conference last month. >> i am confident in everything that i have done, every decision i have made. >> reporter: initial concern arose when more than 500 patients got letters from the hospital saying they may not have needed stints. among then, susan carari from parkville who spoke to wjz for our investigation. >> it just doesn't seem right. >> reporter: the hospital issued a statement in response to these new lawsuits saying talks
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between sjmc and attorneys are ongoing and sjmc has invited all attorneys to have medical information so claims can be fairly evaluated. >> he tells us the federal settlement leaves open the possibility of criminal charges in this investigation. this story is one that's gone viral on the internet and it was the hot topic this week on the morning radio shows. a bride-to-be at the center of a just terrible tragedy. here's the story, 25-year-old rochelle was in virginia beach celebrating the bachelorette party. after a night on the town, they decided to go swimming. the girls were horsing around when the girls shoved her in. she smashed her head on the bottom of the pool and broke her neck. she's now paralyzed from the chest down. she can move her wrists, but not her hands. >> when i hit the bottom, you know, i just kind of instant felt my body stop moving. it was kind of a numb shocking feeling. i couldn't swim, i couldn't do
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anything. i just kind of naturally rolled to the top and i yelled help. >> doctors say she'll never walk again. now, that wedding has been put on hold as they try to figure out how to keep rochelle insured. she's on medicaid and that covers the bills, but she would lose that if she were to get married. here's the debate, some say she should sue her friends for pushing her in that pool and turning her life upside down. that sounds kind of harsh, but was that friend to blame or a terrible stroke of bad luck? keep sending your e-mails. checking the news where you live tonight, it is a big high school football night, the lineup on your screen is out there, and don't forget you can always keep up with your favorite teams on hopefully they're taking jackets and sweatshirts. >> sweatshirts and everything else. you say it's down in the 30s some places. >> it's falling like a stone
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out there. the air is dry, the sun has been down for a few hours and it's november. here's a look at those current temperatures. 44 in arlington, 41 in b bethesda,39 in gaitersburg. we're looking at temperatures primarily in the upper 30s and lower 40s. 44 in arlington, 42 in rockville and gaiterringburg over at sherwood, probably around 40 or 39 out near ashton and sandy springs at this hour. 42 in fairfax and 38 in reston. here's the deal, another nice weekend, a nice november weekend, breezy and milder on saturday. it's going to be cold again saturday night. if you're going to go to the terps game, 8:00 start. sunday mostly sunny and cooler, but still nice. and monday we are milder once again. so temps have a hard time making up their mind the next couple of days. for tonight clear skies and cold, no doubt about this tonight. 34 to 42. winds southwest at 10. in fact, i think it's one of those nights where temps fall very, very rapidly until about midnight and then they kind of level off a little bit as winds
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turn southwesterly at 10. in fact, lows tonight, 35 in gettysburg, 36 in rockville. a little cold pocket out in buoy. 35 out there. low 40s downtown and inside the beltway. but plenty of 30s in the west. 36 in fairfax and in reston, 35 in sterling, 35 in leesburg and maybe even 34 for our friends down in manassas. saturday morning, mostly sunny with a cold start. grab your sunglasses, light jacket. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. winds out of the southwest at about 10 to 15. but the breezes don't last long. partly cloudy and milder, highs near 60 saturday afternoon. winds turn northwesterly, but only at 10. that's a pretty good deal. here's the zone 4 forecast, sunshine for the coast. you jump the divide you're in the 50s in cumberland, upper 50s for hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. 61 in culpepper. i don't think leesburg and manassas will quite get to 60, but still a very bright day. now we jump the river, 60
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downtown, 60 in andrews. looking at temperatures right around 60 in charles county down into st. mary's county as well. 59 in annapolis. all the small craft advisories expire at 10:00 a.m. next three days, sunshine tomorrow, 60. cooler on sunday, but still nice, and then milder again on monday. we're back in the mid-60s. now the next seven days, winter is going to come eventually. mid-60s on tuesday, rain and showers late tuesday, tuesday night. then a break. then clouds come back on wednesday. then rain and showers wednesday and wednesday night. leftover showers on turkey day, 58, and then the arctic air pours in here thanksgiving night. temperatures downtown go to the upper 30s, and i think on friday we're going to see some snow showers friday morning with temperatures struggling to get into the low 40s. so a cold day for black friday. >> thank you, sir. appreciate that. we do want to correct a headline from the top of our show concerning that sexual assault lawsuit out of alexandria. the assault victim is firing back, suing the cab company,
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but it was not the driver of the cab who attacked her. another man attacked her and was convicted. she was assaulted after that driver dropped her off.
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in the mailbag tonight, the tsa, the full body scans and the patdowns, our good friend in devin in arlington start to go get nervous about all this. i've been reading more reports about these patdowns and body invasions and so glad i won't be flying until after the holidays. i've read conserveitive columnists and liberals. one krifshitive columnist hit it. terrorists hide bombs in body apuretures. tsa is going to have to come up with something better, less intrusive and more sophisticated. >> alvin stirs the pot even
7:26 pm
further. those who challenge scanner versus patdown are lucky. some of us don't have that choice. with 20k worth of titanium in my spine, i don't get to choose. it's the patdown or no fly. they are also lucky they don't have the israeli screeners to contend with or they'd never make it. well, like many of you, i too am starting to get a little more concerned about the tsa, not about these scanners per se, it's the policies around them. and i'll have much more to say about that in my "let's be real" segment at 11:00. in the meantime, though, david in fairfax says if we are really serious about trimming the federal budget, there is one place with plenty of fat to trim. why is there no talk of cutting the number of staff members at our elect -- that our elected officials maintain at government expense? such cutbacks, of course, would not be sufficient by themselves to eliminate the deficit, but it would help. for many years, rest of us have been asked to tighten our belts. how about if our elected officials try it for a change.
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i looked it up and this year congress is costing us american taxpayers about $5 billion give or take a few million or so. so as you point out, even if we cut that by 50%, it wouldn't mean much beyond symbolism which i guess is certainly worth something. by the way, we deeply value your e-mails. keep them coming. the address i'll be back here tonight with anita brikman. log on at any time to we'll see you a bit later. bye bye.
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>> now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched, entertainment news magazine in the world. >> the bristol palin dancing conspiracy? >> the website encourages people to set up phoney e-mails. >> did politics push bristol into the finale. >> standards and practices are at play. >> why some are saying it's sarah palin keeping bristol in the game. marie osmond with me on her son's suicide. >> do you feel michael's presence on a daily basis. >> that's hard to talk about. >> what she didn't tell oprah. prince william's romantic proposal, the log cabin where kate said yes. plus the latest on the wedding date and the striking similarities between william and kate and jfk, jr. and caroline. >> tonight's the


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